Adventures in Property Management

What. Is. In. The. Tub??!

Paul Roth - Monday, February 24, 2020
Property Management Blog

A recent maintenance call was quite revealing. The tenant called to inform us that the bathtub was not draining. Upon arriving the maintenance tech was greeted with a bathtub that was quite backed up, and a smell. He was unable to get the drain clear with a plunger, so we called in a plumber. As the plumber was moving in with the plunger, the tenant informed him to 'Be careful, that's all...urine.' The plumber replied 'You're going to the bathroom in the tub?? Why aren't you using the toilet?' The tenant stated that the toilet did not work. The plumber reached over, pushed the toilet handle and received the expected response of the toilet flushing, several times. He said 'The toilet works fine, why are you using the bathtub?' The tenant then informed the plumber that 'I don't like to use the toilet, I have better aim in the bathtub.'