Adventures in Property Management

The Bowl in the Wall

Paul Roth - Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Property Management Blog

A friend in the industry sent us this one:

Got called out on a leak this morning coming from the ceiling above the tub in a basement apartment in an old house.  Punched through the plaster and large ceiling and unscrewed the panel in the corner and when I pulled the panel down, look at what I found! How about THAT for a leaking drain solution? Enclosed in the wall on top of the access panel which was screwed in with 2 inch screws and caulked all around, a bowl was placed in the space between floors to catch the drip from the drain on the tub upstairs.  Resourceful, don't you think? The only problem (besides the drip that is) is that the bowl shifted and wasn't catching the water anymore!" Leuri Zibetti