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Wednesday War Story - Puppy Problem

System - Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Upon a routine inspection, a property manager finds that the tenants dog has not been properly cleaned up after. They give a verbal warning to the tenants that they MUST clean up the yard after the dog. The next month, the manager stops by to see if the problem has been resolved. Sadly, it was even worse, so the tenants were then given a 3 day notice to comply by cleaning up the yard due to the damage caused by the dog.

The tenants, became very upset and stated... It isn't our fault, we're not pooping back there, I don't see why we have to clean it!

Lesson learned: on the majority of leases the tenants who have signed the lease have agreed to care for the property. And that the liability to clean up after guests, pets/animals, and themselves.