Adventures in Property Management

Wednesday War Story - Potty Problem

System - Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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At 1:30 am, the emergency technician on call for a large complex receives a call from a tenant stating that her toilet is broken. He attempts to trouble shoot the problem with her at that time, but can only get "it is broken" from her. Fearing the worst, he heads over to her apartment. Upon arrival, he finds that the handle on the toilet had broken in half. The toilet itself (and plumbing) was working fine.

A very common misconception in property management is what is actually considered an "emergency". While a lot of things may feel urgent. and it is an inconvenience. Not everything warrants an emergency. The tenant in this situation, did receive a new toilet handle first thing the next morning. Unfortunately she also incurred an after hours expense since it was truly not an emergency.