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Wednesday War Story - Doggie Discord

System - Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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After multiple complaints from neighbors about a barking dog at an apartment, the manager calls the tenant to find out more details. Since pets were not authorized at the unit. The tenant was adamant that there wasn't a dog there. So the manager asked some of the neighbors to please let them know when they can hear the dog barking again. Within a few days the dog is barking again and the manager is called. They head over to the unit and knocked on the door, only to be greeted with the obvious sounds of a dog in the apartment.

The manager posted a 3 day notice to comply on the door, and quickly received a call from the tenant. Even though the manager explained that they heard the dog barking (and scratching) at the door when they knocked, the tenant insisted there was not a dog at the property, that it wasn't a barking dog, but only a pre-recorded dog barking on a continual loop to scare off would be burglars. Unfortunately, their argument didn't stand up to an inspection and the tenants quickly moved from the apartment.