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Tuesday Tenant Tip - Problems with Pests

System - Tuesday, May 29, 2018
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As the weather warms up in Utah, pests and bugs seem to make their way into many rental properties. This can sometimes lead to conflict between the tenants and landlords as to who is responsible for pest control.

So, who is financially responsible for pest control? The first place you want to check is your lease agreement. Many leases have a section specifically designated to pests and pest control. Read over this section carefully and talk with your landlord about it. There are a lot of little details that go into it. If you are renting a property with a large grassy field, there are bound to be some mice around. Seeing a few mice in this situation doesn't necessarily warrant calling out the 'dogs' but instead just setting a few traps inside and taking measures beforehand to keep them out of the property. Such as keeping the doors/windows closed or use a screen whenever possible to keep them out, keeping food put away and cleaned up, cleaning up after pets/animals.

Sometimes pests are just a natural part of life, but if a pest infestation can be linked to a tenant behavior or actions the financial burden falls on the tenant. Some pests like ants, beetles and cockroaches are mainly attracted to area's that could be considered unclean. Leaving food uncovered, not taking out the garbage regularly, or not sweeping/vacuuming regularly can attract all types of pests. Flea's may be a result of animals on the property. These direct links between pests and the tenants’ responsibilities mean the tenants would foot the bill to treat. Most pest control services are trained in finding the source and cause of the problem.

Every pest situation requires an individual approach. It isn't as simple as saying yes or no but looking at the cause is key. Both landlord and tenant have responsibilities when it comes to pests. There is a big difference between a few pests and an infestation. Remember that most pests were there before the house was and no home or apartment is completely 100% pest free. Make sure you understand when you are signing your lease, so you understand what your responsibilities are. If you have questions, talk with your manager about them.