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Scary Situation With A Happy Ending

Paul Roth - Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Property Management Blog

I had a tenant that was behind on his rent. Up until now he had been great and I was willing to work out a payment schedule with him. On the 13th of the month I called him and said I need you to pay in the next day or I will be posting a 3-day pay or vacate notice, and begin the eviction process. I got no answer from him. I asked one of the other roommates to check and see if his stuff was still in the room. This was about 10 o clock on at night in November.

He went into the room and found a 4-page suicide note! I tried calling and texting him to no avail. I called the police explained the situation, and they started looking for him. I started to look on Facebook for his family members, and was able to locate his sister on Facebook who he mentioned in his suicide note, and gave the information to the police. 

Fortunately, he came home and fell asleep on the couch at two in the morning, and his sister was there at 7 am to pick him up, so he was ok. I was able to get her to come and pick up his belongings and a few months later he came by the property to get his mail. All and in all this was the best way for it to end, but scary as heck, and I'm glad he was ok.