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Nasty Fridge - Inspections Prevent Bigger Issues

Paul Roth - Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Property Management Blog

Here is why we do our quarterly inspections on the properties that we manage. In this case, the tenants went out to do the summer sales thing. They moved to another state to go door to door to sell solar, security systems, pest control, and what not. They kept their lease so they could have a place to return to but they had NOT paid their power bills…and they had food in the fridge and freezer. Ever wondered what happens when you have no power or A/C going when food is left in a fridge?  It smelled awful just walking in and it was even worse when I opened up the doors to fridge and freezer. Nasty mold in both areas of the appliance. I contacted the tenant, letting them know the situation. To their credit, they were apologetic about it and agreed to buy a new fridge for the owner. I called the owner to let him know what happened, and he was happy to hear that he is getting a new fridge and appreciative that we found the problem during our inspections.