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Inspections Prevent Bigger Issues...For Owners AND Tenants

Paul Roth - Friday, August 30, 2019
Property Management Blog

There was a property I managed that was in exceptional condition.  The tenants to be described in this story were very responsible, had great credit, and really gave me no reason to think why they would be questionable tenants.  It was the best-case scenario for me as a manager and my clients.  At Vision, we believe that it is essential to inspect our properties every quarter to make sure things are in great shape.  This is a service we believe is very important for all properties good and bad, therefore we do it at no cost to the owner.  While doing these inspections I was able to find a cute little dog in one of the bedrooms.  He was cute and didn’t seem to be a “harmful” or “high impact animal” but as a licensed agent, I know that can be far from the truth when it comes to carpet damage.  We were able to speak to the tenants before any damage had occurred and find the un-approved animal a new home. We love animals and pets, but some properties just aren't approved for them. Our free inspection service has untold value for property owners. It is essential to catch things before they become problems, and that's exactly why we do them!