Adventures in Property Management

Bulldog Told Me I Could Stay Here

Paul Roth - Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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We had a house in a bad neighborhood that we struggled to get good renters. The previous renters left the place in bad shape and the new renter agreed to fix the place up in exchange for a deposit. The renter was one of the employees of a contractor that did most of our make ready work. The tenant ended up getting fired a few months later and was continually late on his rent. When we moved forward with the eviction he wouldn't leave right away but told me he would be out over the weekend which happened twice. 

When I showed up in person to see if he had left, he was staining the hardwood floors in the living room. I told him I didn't care about him staining the floors and I just needed him out of the unit. He genuinely thought I preferred him to keep "fixing" the place up instead of leaving. Eventually he texted me saying he had vacated the property. When I went to verify, he had indeed left the house, but was now living in a motorhome on the side of the house. I told him living in a motor home next to the house didn't count as vacating the premises. It took a couple more days but he finally left leaving a huge mess around the yard and in the house. 

The owner decided to sell the house so we started to get the place cleaned up and had scheduled some repairs on the house before selling. After we got the home cleaned out, but before the repairs began, several homeless people broke into the house and started living there. This was found out when I went by to check on the house and I couldn't get into any of the doors. When I unlocked the last door I tried something was blocking it, I pushed hard and a bicycle fell over, waking up the homeless man that was sleeping on the floor next to the door. The homeless man claimed a man named "bulldog" let him live there. Bulldog told him that he knew the owner (he didn't) and that he had permission to live there (he didn't). The home had no heat nor water so they were living in a freezing cold (this was the middle of winter) house with no running water. They went to the bathroom in buckets, the bathtub and toilet with no water. I kicked him out of the house. There were several suitcases of clothes and blankets left inside the home. When our maintenance guys went to remove it, they found several items of drug paraphernalia and ended up throwing everything out. The homeless guy came back a few days later with the police asking if he could get his stuff he left in the house he broke into. He was upset to learn that the clothes/blankets were gone. 

We ended up fixing up the house with paint, flooring and brand new windows throughout the whole house and got it put on the market. The house went under contract and the very next day someone through a huge rock through the brand new kitchen window we had replaced. We had to replace the window again before the property eventually sold.