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APPLY NOW!! We are currently leasing for Fall semester 2023 with convenient Fall/Winter, Year Round and Spring/Summer contract options. We are excited to announce that we are no longer a single gender community! This means you will find rent rates that are among the best value in Provo and a super fun social atmosphere! New tenant leasing opens on Thursday, 1/27 (must be under 30 years of age). If you have any questions, please contact us!

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The Complex

Bountiful Court is your home for convenient and affordable luxury living.

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Large kitchens, built-in closets, 2 full bathrooms.

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Free uncovered parking and covered parking garage spots available on first serve basis.

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Great location, outdoor lounge areas, pool.


Bountiful Court has two floor plans to fit your needs.

Bountiful Court Unit
Bountiful Court Unit

2023 Pricing for Bountiful Court

Term 3 Person Shared 2 Person Shared Private
Year Round $315 $485 (Large) None Currently Available
Fall/Winter $405 $435 None Currently Available
Spring/Summer $195 $210 None Currently Available

Additional Costs:

Utilities: $25 per month
Lease Initiation Fee: $50
$25 Resident Benefit Package - includes tenant liability insurance, annual carpet cleaning, access to the online tenant portal and 24 hour emergency line as well as a one time late fee waiver.


Year Round Fall- August 24, 2023 to August 16, 2024

Fall/Winter- August 24, 2023 to April 25, 2024<

Spring/Summer- April 29, 2024 - August 16, 2024

Available Listings

Year Round Shared 3 person - Rental Application Year Round Shared 2 person - Rental Application

Year Round Large Shared 2 person - Rental Application Year Round Private - Rental Application

Fall/Winter Shared 3 Person - Rental Application

Fall/Winter Shared 2 Person - Rental Application Fall/Winter Private - Rental Application

Whole Unit - Rental Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the boxes to see some of the commonly asked questions about Bountiful Court.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have!

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Why should I buy a contract to live at Bountiful Court?+

To save money and to live in a great environment! We say that Bountiful Court is One Big Happy Family. The residents here enjoy a variety of activities, close relationships, and lots of fun. The people are friendly and love to get to know each other. Bountiful Court consists of 39 roomy apartments, a heated swimming pool, a lounge with a piano,and a ping pong table.

What utilities do I pay?+

Residents pay for gas and electricity at a flat rate of $25 per month.

How far is Bountiful Court from campus?+

Bountiful Court is located just 4.5 blocks south of BYU campus. It is a straight walk from the complex to the bottom of the south campus ramp. There’s also a UVX bus stop (free for students) two blocks away.

Can I just sign a Spring/Summer contract without a Fall/Winter contract?+

Yes! We offer spring/summer, fall/winter, and year round contracts starting in the spring or the fall.

When does Bountiful Court begin accepting applications?+

Contracts for Summer, Year Round, & Fall/Winter 2023 will go on sale January 27th , 2023.

What do I need to do to sign up with a group of friends who want to live together?+

You can invite friends to be your roommate in your account under the “Friends” tab. We also strongly recommend that groups who want to be together in an apartment sign up online at the same time. If you don’t sign up together, you risk having a member of the group placed in a different apartment.

Any specific advice for a prospective resident at Bountiful Court?+

If you do not intend to abide by the terms and conditions of the rental agreement or if you have had problems with past landlords or with the law, please do not apply to live at Bountiful Court.

What day can I move in?+

The start and end dates of your contract are located on the chart above as well as the Bountiful Court PREFERENCES FORM. The start and end dates correspond with BYU semesters and terms.

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