The Application & Rental Process

  1. Complete an online application for EACH occupant over age 18. Ignore notice that "Card didn't go through"
  2. We will notify you of your place in line.
  3. If you are first in line AND you state your interest, we will run your back- ground & credit check ($35 per occupant over 18- application fees are 100% NON-refundable), which includes:
  4. If you are approved, we may request copies of:
  5. We will send you a lease to review & sign.
  6. You will pay the deposit amount specified in your lease in full, either online (if over 10 days prior to move in) or by certified funds before moving into the property.
  7. Then, We'll get you the keys and say, “Welcome to Your New Home!”

Tips for Future Vision Residents: